No buy bottom in pricing


The title says it all, when I go to the pricing list there is no buy bottom whatsoever.


Hey Peter,

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a plan at the moment unless you are currently an active member or have received a Beta Key.

LiquidSky will be opening purchase in early March alongside the release of the brand new LiquidSky.

Feel free to purchase a plan then or follow us on the forums and our various channels to see if you can win a Beta Key!



Are you in beta? Did you got a beta free trial. You might be trying to buy from the site which shows the upcoming new prices


Is there going to be more beta key surprises? Because that's clever!
The hype is very much in the air after the glem compitition so it would
Be a very good idea for LS to hype up another challenge!

Is that (kinda) what your saying :wink:


Well their doing the meme competition so you could try that :slight_smile:


When you guys offer the buying options?

I don't have a beta key and but I really want to try it :frowning:

If there is a buying option will you guys considering putting the subscription plan on ebay or Amazon? or selling a prepaid card that offer your service please?


First week of March is when they open up for new customers