No customer service [SOLVED]


It is very unfortunate that a company that takes money from paying customers can have such great disrespect for their customers. I put a support ticket in on Monday and here we are 5 days later and have not received a single response let alone a resolution to my issues. You guys go ahead and increase your prices to your underperforming service but yet refuse to give us your customers who are still willing to pay any respect or customer service. Shame.


Hi @MightyEchox,

I checked our ticketing system but don’t see any tickets from the email address of your forum account. Is this the same email address you used to send us a ticket?


It is the same email. I put the ticket in on Monday


Is it with us or with Xsolla since I don’t see any in our system?


We usually respond within 2 hours within business hours and reply the next day for any tickets sent outside of our business hours.


With you on your website. I wouldn’t put a ticket in on xsolla website for technical support issues.


Well it has been 5 days now.


Can you try sending another ticket since I really don’t see any ticket coming from your email address. Or if you know the ticket number I can probably try searching for that.


I’ll put another ticket in because I never got any notification with a ticket number.


Put another ticket in. Here is a screenshot as proof. Once again I did not get any notification with ticket number.


You are using a different email address from what you have from your user account. Please check your email since I saw already now your old ticket you sent last monday and I did replied to that after a few hours. I also made a follow up on that ticket right now so that you see that I replied to it Monday.


Please update the client you have since based in our system you are still using 0.3.5 Windows client version. If it is not auto-updating, then perhaps your firewall/antivirus is blocking the auto-update and you from connecting to your SkyComputer.


LOL pwnd. looks like the customer service is just fine, its the customer that could use some work.


Thank you for your uninformed comment but if you knew anything about what he and I discussed in private IM you’d know that I indeed was using correct email. Next time you comment know what you are talking about, it makes you look like a complete ignorant when you don’t.


Alright guys, I guess we’re done here, so I’ll close the topic. :wink:
@MightyEchox I hope you’ll get a solution to your problem soon. :crossed_fingers: