No GTA 5 thread?


I still play this game on a regular basis and even when I purchase new games, I keep going back to this one. I find this game to be just as unbelievable now then when I first bought it. I was told they invested a quarter of a billion dollars on development and now this game has set records that will be hard to break anytime soon.

Every new DLC update allows me to expirence new area details & driving short cuts. The freeway system was always useless to me because it felt lame and redundant and was confusing trying to find the right exits. It also didn't create much excitement or fun when driving fast cars. The newest DLC update Import/Export has shown me that the Freeway is key to out running cops or enemies. Also it has help reduce vehicle damage by avoiding cross traffic and saving time by using the brakes less often. After many hours of playing Import/Export, I have the whole Freeway system memorized and now can get to any area of the city very quickly. So the fun is the fact that you buy and sell cars and need to transport them quickly without getting them damaged or destroyed so being fast and knowing your way around town is important.

Anyways, GTA 5 is still an incredible game to play. There are many bad aspects of the game, but I've managed to look past all that and enjoy what it has to offer.

Thanks to Liquid Sky I play at higher resolutions with my phone and this has increased the fun factor far beyond my expectations.


Ever since GTA V was released Ive never played it only due to a slow pc not capable of playing it if I tried pretty sure it would explode



I built my current PC mainly so I could play this game without buying a console. My graphics card is dated and makes the game look like GTA SA with the settings set to low so I could achieve 30+ fps.

The minimum hardware requirements for this game are inaccurate in my opinion.


Im trying to save until 25th april and while working and buy the parts and build it myself


GTAIV multiplayer was way much fun, even if simple.


I have GTA IV, but can't get xbox live to work on LS.


Windows Store and Xbox live support I think is coming in march update


I just looked up development costs and it was closer to a quarter billion so I edited it.

I can play GTA IV on LS, I just can't save my games so I have to start from the beginning everytime.


So what if I buy Xbox 360 be on disk copy won't work right?


Can you give me beta keys


No it won't.

But fantastic timing on the thread GTAV is on sale on steam right now.


Yeah man, that's awesome. I payed $40.19 in November 2015. It was the first sale after the summer sale. I waited a long time for the sale and then a week after I bought it they dropped the price to $35.19. Lol