No more Unlimited plan


As per the CES presentation it seems that unlimited will be no more. RIP LS.


Yea, cause they changed it to Free package :v:


Yeah well I don't care about it being free. I would rather pay for unlimited than have to watch dumb ad videos.


For what I was reading from this:

(Which i believe is the transcript of the CES presentation)

starting at 9.99

That makes me believe Unlimited won't disappear.

I'd personally love a version of the Unlimited Plan in which I was only able to access the new Gamer performance package. Said version could cost a bit less than the 40 USD that the unlimited costs ATM.
But I can only wish.


I'm willing to pay more for unlimited with those performance packages being announced


That's not true, they are giving the free users a spoonful of pay to win.
You wanna play for free? Here, 3 hours a day. Oh you wanna keep using it? Here, a spoonful of ads.
Oh you don't wanna watch ads? Pay a monthly subscription or the Pay As you Go plan.

The presentation has written under the Monthly Plan section: starting at 9.99
So if the wording is any less predictable, the Unlimited plan is(as it is right now) a Monthly subscription, which falls on this category.


I see the "starting at" now. I can only hope they don't do away with it. I just simply cannot understand why it is incredibly difficult for any LiquidSky staff member to answer a very simple question.


Don't want to sound like a smartass, but the only one answering things around here is LiquidSkyJustin, the mod. This forum is a barren wasteland.

One of the issues these guys need to work is the the communication with their users. Leaving many questions unanswered is not good. People speculate both good things and bad things when the devs fail to communicate an idea.

A simple summary of the CES presentation on the blog wouldn't have been much of a hassle.

A small Q&A organized here or in the subreddit as an AMA about their "new and improved" service could help get some clarifications.

But NOPE. Not a single word. Not even the twitter account is as active. The only thing they tweeted was their presentation on twitch.


Hey TacticalCatfish,

While we are just as excited about the announcement of our product as the community is, we certainly do not intend to leave yesterday's stream as the only source of news regarding our upcoming major rework!

Further announcements clarifying points within our presentation and a recapping of some of our major changes will be released shortly on our blog and across all social media.

Following that, a full recording of our stream presentation for those who missed it will be going up on our Youtube Channel next week!

An AMA will also be held on our forums and our reddit for those who would like to get even more insight on the future of Cloud Gaming and the new LiquidSky which will be releasing soon in Q1. More information on our AMA will be announced shortly as well so that users may take the opportunity to prepare questions for our CEO, Ian McLoughlin!

We understand that while many of us are certainly excited and dying to know more about the new LiquidSky, we would ask that our users remain patient as further information regarding our announcement becomes available.

Thanks and enjoy gaming in the Sky!


Thank you Justin, these are great news and things to look forward to!


Hello Justin. How come you are still NOT answering the main question. Is unlimited tier gone or not? Please answer this simple question.