No "Official" statement


Right, so as it’s almost 3pm over there I thought I’d leave a comment of dissatisfaction. I have left reasonable time before making this post.

Due to what has occurred over the past week almost (Yes almost a whole week) I am still awaiting an Official statement or at least some form of apology from someone whom is in a position to speak on behalf of LiquidSky. I find it almost disgusting that nothing of the kind has happened (Yes I realize this is the first day back in the office) However with a company of your size (Please bear in mind Community Moderators this is aimed at LiquidSky and/or someone of high authority) and with the size of your consumer/customer database I would of thought you would of had the decency to at least apologize to those infuriated/disappointed of your recent actions. Again no such thing has occurred and again I find this very disgusting.

Working in a customer service position/environment my self I would never dream of leaving a customer/client hanging for such a period of time without at least profusely apologizing. Therefore it is with great regret I am writing this and informing you I shall no longer be continuing to use your services and will definitely not be recommending them to anyone I know (Not that you probably care as I’m just the little guy so to speak and one out of a couple hundred thousand) regardless… I appreciate the good times you have supplied to myself in regards to using your service (However limited and little it was) and bid you farewell and hopefully a prosperous future. Who knows I may come back to use your service again one day but unfortunately not in the foreseeable future.



Today was the start of the workweek. I wouldn’t jump the gun just yet.
We’ll see what happens


New Policy....Serious Concern about your future


I’m literally typing something up right now. Takes time to meet with the team and get decisions made. Keep in mind it was a 3-day weekend in the US. :face_with_monocle:

Check back in a little bit, hopefully some good news incoming.


I really hope you will do something to fix the entire community’s trust in liquidsky… Because more than 90% of people here are angry and/or are thinking about abandoning this service (and you know what would that mean)… No people, no money. And no money means no service… I won’t see liquidsky dying because the service is great (at least for me) but the problem is the price/credits/money… Please do all your best! I’m with you Morgan!


Please note that there have been changes made to the SkyCredit policy.