No option to pay LiquidSky


I received an email and hour ago saying: "Want to get ahead and experience Beta now? Sign up for any of our tiered plans, and you'll get instant access to our exclusive Beta!"

I clicked "skip the line" and was directed to "".
I'd like to 'pay as I go', but none of the boxes have any clickable elements and there appears to be no way to give you money for the streaming service.


Same here. Unable to pay as I don't mind jumping past beta invite and going straight to paying.


its not a bug last chance to get in was the 6th i think now its closed signups in till it comes out of beta i think end of next month but i could be wrong


That would explain it. But no explanation of that on the prices page and why send out an email today saying I can "sign up and experience the Beta" when I can't?


Yes, why they have the following message on the page with no "Skip the wait" button

"You can skip queue by purchasing a plan or we will notify you by email when you've been accepted into beta. Otherwise we encourage you to complete your profile to improve your chances to be selected to enter the beta."


I am trying to get in myself and realized the opportunity one day too late. One of their data centers in IN MY CITY.

They really should update the homepage and watch the wording on their promotional emails. Got the message and thought I got in the beta ... not so. Why wouldnt they accept paying customers at this stage when those lucky enough to just snatch a key via following them on twitch can use the service now for free ...
Please allow us to buy in before March.


im not sure what there doing but for anyone else that may come across this Paige this link will give all the info you need to know


After their CES announcement they immediately closed ALL new pay registrations because they are upgrading all the servers\software. I found their communication on the matter to be extremely poor because the end date posted on the blog made it seem like that was when just the sale ended not all pay registration.


Yep, found that after some digging. It doesn't explain why Liquid Sky would send out this email today... I just hope the streaming quality is better than their communications when I eventually do get to try it out in March.
And just to add, from a business point of view, shutting down beta access just as you make a big announcement at a globally reported event is just bad business.


So does this mean I have to wait until March to try this? That's what I'm a bit unclear about.


yes to its out of beta you have to wait to try it


You are right. all new users can't buy PLAN now.


Which is really unfortunate. I'd be more than willing to pay to try it, I'm on the verge of buying a new laptop. If this works, I won't have to, but I don't think I can wait!