Non-native resolution


Using LS on non-native resolutions makes fullscreen unusable: the window resolution is native no matter what, and the native-dpi image is cropped to the corner of the screen (I haven't managed to get a clean screenshot). I am using Intel Integrated Graphics so I don't have any advanced display settings to play with. Is there anything I can do to change this? I'm trying to use 1600x900 or 1280x720.

P.S.:The reason I want to do this is for a game I cannot run at 1920x1080 in LS for performance reasons (Fallout 4), but running it at lower resolutions makes the mouse unusable. Note that this is not a game-specific issue, this problem has not been experienced outside of LS.


Same problem here with that same graphics chip. There is no way to identify what chip it is either so it must be included with the cpu or something. At 1080 for me everything in small print is super blurry and in 720p everything is way to big.
EDIT: I have found an easy solution to this. Just set the SkyPC resolution to the same resolution as your real laptop and everything should look fine.


That does work, but in my case using the native resolution on the SkyComputer causes poor in-game performance.

On Windows 10 you can check by looking up your CPU. It will be listed in Settings\System\Info. On Previous versions it should be in Control Panel\System & Security\System. Mine is a HD4400, which is pretty standard if you're using 4th gen i5/i3 chips.