Not a great experience (LiquidSky)


Here it goes:

I have a laptop that has only intel integrated gpu, for that reason i wanted to play dishonored 2 using some cloud service and since geforce now was not available i puchased 1500 “SkyCredits” to use here with the hope of smooth sailing.
But boy was i wrong.


  1. The “gamer” machine is so weak, like srsly weak, dishonored 2 is a game from 2016 and with the gamer machine it runs at 20 fps.
  2. Quality of the image drops so frequently that it is unplayable.
  3. Black screens are frequent
  4. They advertise 1gbs speeds, but those are only valid on speedtest and not when you download a game from steam with 20 mb/s. False advertisement ?
  5. When you change the resolution in the hope of making it run faster ( on the pc and on the service) it either crashes the machine or runs like someone smeared something on you screen.
  6. Even when i tried some casual games like dota 2, it was a horrible experience since every 2 minutes you get these lag spikes that take your input 30 seconds later. Imagine the fun in that.
  7. You cant change data center, so you are stuck to some that is like 100000 km away from you.

P.S: Before someone tell me “oh you did not check the forum for solutions to those problems”, i did check and took the recommended solutions and the service is still useless.

TLDR: From my experience to this point, the service is $hit and i regret spending 10$ on it, also 20 fps for a game from 2016 wtf is this bs ?

I was expecting more than just a remote desktop to a windows server machine. Such a disappointment LiquidSky.


Well, I must say gamer plan isn’t powerful I only use with low-mid demand game. For dishonored 2, I played on gamer plan before and got 40 fps on high setting. which setting do you use ? But you can always use pro plan for that

For your issue
4. Not false advertisement. they really have 1gbs speeds but steam throttle speed when you download. solution is go to setting on steam and thick not throttle when streaming (Might work or not)
5. It known bug when lastest fix was implanted
7. You can contact support and ask them to change DC

It still in beta so it isn’t perfect. Moreover, they will upgrade GPU soon so you can wait for that. Performance will improve for sure.


the new gpu would at least boost any game fps by 10 hopefully.


That game needs to be run on Pro. And that game wasn’t a good port to begin with at the start. And like Martin said, he got 40 FPS on high. I tested the game on 1366x768 and I was able to play it on very high frame rates. (I had to play it on Pro - you can’t game it on gamer tier)

May I know your internet speeds and data center, latency and hardware?

Same thing, I need to know specs (also are you using 5Ghz wifi or ethernet?)

Like Martin said, its not false advertisement. If you did a speedtest you would have verified that its either close or at those speeds. Sometimes Steam picks the wrong download server and you will have to change it to the server thats close to your chosen datacenter.

Again like Martin said, its a known bug and with the new GPU upgrade this should be fixed. (if you go from high to low it doesn’t crash but as soon you go low to high or play a game it crashes (assuming you get a low Desktop resolution and the game switches to 1080P)

Yes you can. I don’t think you searched the forums hard enough, but if you are a PAYG user (judging that you paid $10) you have to send in a support ticket and request for a change. (Keep in mind a server change will cause the skypc to be deleted)

And again, the lag spikes from Dota 2 for example could be related to the datacenter you were chosen by mistake.


data-center: frankfurt
latency: 29ms

my internet speed: 10-11 megabytes per sec
connection: Ethernet cable
os: win 10
cpu: core i7-2670qm

why play dishonored 2 on pro, its an old game ???


Your iGPU might not be enough to handle the stream (We have a fellow mod who was able to get LS running on her Intel i5 2500K but officially an intel 4XXX series is recommended [we had a user on a 3000 series CPU/iGPU combo with issues, and from a quick search it appears that your CPU has an intel HD 3000 chip]). Have you tried toggling hardware acceleration? Might help with your stream issues.

Dishonored 2 I wouldn’t consider to be an old game. It’s modern with modern features which make it pretty intense. New GPU upgrade/driver update should help with this however, in terms of skycomputer framerate. Devs are working on this right now so please have some patience- these sorts of things take time (it is coming along however).

For stuttering/other stream issues it could be an issue currently with the streamer.exe process that happens in some games. A workaround can be found here:


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