Not buying without trying. Beta keys expired


I think it's ridiculous that the beta keys expire in 3 days (which was not indicated at all in the email I received). I wanted to set this up for my son, but after waiting forever to get into the beta, I then have a 3 day time limit to try it out? If you had mentioned that in the email, that would have been one thing. Very disappointed. If this is an indication of how you are going to treat customers, then I'm not sure this is something I'm interested in. I'll just buy him a better computer.


Hey Zed,

If your beta keys expired, its not to worry. We understand alot of users have been waiting a long time to try out LiquidSky, and we've made it our focus this month to give back to the community!

Check our announcement link below and follow us as we continue the season of giving, by handing out free beta keys all month!

If I'm not mistaken, some beta keys were handed out yesterday on these very forums, so feel free to look through and see if they're still available

Happy hunting and hope to see you in the Sky soon! ;D