Not clear if it is possible to purchase a plan


After logging in i see:

Due to high levels of demand and to ensure a quality experience for our paying users we only let in new users for free trials in waves. You can skip queue by purchasing a plan

Ok, but nowhere anything clickable to purchase a plan.
On the pricing tab no buttons or anything either.
Maybe from this:

New Pricing
Our new pricing plans will be available in March.

one can deduce that the displayed plans are not available at this moment?
Unfortunately this is not at all clear to me.

I would gladly spend a tenner to try it out.


Beta version is now taking place under the NDA . We have to wait for February-March.


LS is under maintenance for Plans from Jan.6th to March, every new user has to wait for the NEW PLAN release then.


Yes, weird isn't it, 2 or 3 months nobody can pay them anything, but they keep sending invites to try out their services.