Not going to get my 80 credits on bill date?


So I recently purchased the Gamer subscription for $9.99 on Dec. 25 and on my account page, it said I will receive my next 80 credits next month on Jan 25, but today (Dec. 27) when I went on my account page again, the date changed. It now says I will receive 80 credits on Jan 27, but my billing date is Jan 25. Can a staff member please help?


The best thing you can do is to send an email to them.


What is their email?


You can log in and talk to them via chat.


They have not replied and it has been a few days :confused: please help


Unfortunately, that is something that only LS's staff can help. Try contacting one of the staff members on other medias (Reddit for instance).


Thank you for your advice. If you do not mind me asking, what does it say next to your payment method? Are you able to press the edit button next to Payment Info because my payment method says Add Method to Renew Payment.


I would if i knew how o.O


i don t know @haojiezhou i was reading your talk and i thought that you could send you keys for others .....:sweat::confused:


Haha I wish I could.


so what can i do ???????


Wait patiently until they give out more keys.

Or purchase a plan.