Nothing client is annoying


The App is really annoying… on android… cannot run in Background every time it must reloaded… cant type the auth. steam code and why i cant move the floating Liquidsky button

Cant play rocket league i only got white screen


How your internet connection/ what phone do you have. I have the lg astro it works grate for me try to uninstall the hole app clear the data frist thats what i did and its good now


That shouldn’t be the case, unless you have a low end phone

You can’t move it yet. This to to prevent from people losing it and locking themselves out. (it will be dealt in the future but its not a priority right now)

Were going to need more information about your device because right now it seems your hardware might be too weak to run the Android client.

Rocket League and white screen shouldn’t happen. Try verifying the game cache within Steam and see if that clears it (otherwise reinstall the game)


thank you:) i will try it . i have google pixel 2 xl with android pie