Official AMA with CEO Of LiquidSky, Ian McLoughlin! - 1/20/17 12PM EST - 6PM EST


Official AMA with CEO of LiquidSky, Ian McLoughlin This Friday!

With all the hype surrounding our CES 2017 announcement and the brand new upcoming LiquidSky, we felt it was only fair you got your answer's from the man behind it all, Ian McLoughlin.

CEO, Ian McLoughlin will be available all day to answer all your burning questions concerning the new LiquidSky including SkyCredit conversions, transitioning your plan, new features, SkyLounge and much more!

Date of AMA: Friday 12/20/2017
Time: 12PM EST - 6PM EST

Our AMA will be held on these forums, so feel free to post all your questions in our thread on Friday and Ian will answer them as soon as possible!

So make sure to tune in and take advantage of this opportunity to speak directly with our CEO, himself!

You never know what kind of surprises we will announce during our AMA, so don't miss out!

New plan in March?


Hi Mr, Ian can you tell if the Houston Data center is going to come with the update or not?


Feel free to ask him yourself, this Friday when we launch our AMA! :slight_smile:


Will this be broadcasted or live on twitch


Do you know the interval at which people in que are added to the beta?


Hey There!
So, would Mr. Ian be available on 20th Between 12:00pm to 18:00 pm Local time in india?
Also I have sent an email, please do give it a read(if you have the time, though).


Beta is closed no one is being accepted as of the 6th of January you have to wait till march to sign up for liquid sky


Feel free to post your questions on our thread on Friday, and Ian will answer them regardless!


I signed up for the beta January 5th and i still haveny gotten access


That's what my email said that beta was closing the 6th or I seen wrong idk


Link to blog post about registration closes on January 6th



Would it be more profitable to buy the gamer plan now (80 credits for 15$) or after the new release?

edit : The new plans arn't published yet, right? Only what kind of plans there will be available.


Questions to write in this topic? Or they need to ask in another topic? I wrote to their fears and questions.
Replies will be oral? If my questions are answers, someone will be able to write them here?

1) I'm afraid that users will save up to 15 hours of viewing advertising and on weekends will be busy server or does not work .

2) Can provide daily advertising by 18 minutes for all countries ?
Will not writing - no advertising on today - come back later . Or in such a case will be alternative ways of obtaining SkyCredits .


Free registration problem: user to view advertising in a couple of windows and use the service of 6 hours + (after preparing the basis for the game simply will throw saves 5 minutes )
Phone number does not solve the problem.

4) Question about the mini-games in the launcher - appear any mini-tournaments on SkyCredits or will it be something level Score higher - Hit in the global table.

5) Will there be Google Authenticator to protect your account at the entrance.


Thank you. I've been trying to find out if you guys have tested the service on the JXD S192 (K1 version), and if it worked well. If so, I have been trying to get permission to include it in my ROM for the device. Would this be a good forum to ask? I've been trying to get a contact to write to, but obviously haven't had much luck.


Sweet! Can't wait!! :slight_smile:


I'll prepare some questions:grin:


Looking forward to this!


As I posted on the reddit channel, that's 5PM-11PM GMT for UK and 6PM-12AM(+1) for Central Europe


Hi @aditya.its.alwaysme. It states Mr Ian (You actually refer to peoples surname when addressing them as Mr, so in this case it is Mr McLoughlin) will be available from 12PM EST which means in other countries such as India it will be:

  • 22:30 - 05:30 INDIA
  • 17:00 - 23:00 UK
  • 18:00 - 00:00 SPAIN

Hope that helps so you don't miss your opportunity to ask questions directly about this great service :sunny: