Oh this is great


hello today my account is doing weird crap

pls help me im desprete


Use the drip icon at the top of your LS client to quit and logout then close it all and retry connecting.


ok will try thx for fast reply WDSnav91 ;D


update it works thx man


Your very welcome! Have a good time playing. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: thx u too dude. :slight_smile:


btw why does origin keep crashing my skycomputer with eror port 80?


You have to disable all origin services before you ever quit your skypc. You can get to services through the administration app in windows. If you are getting the error now; it is too late, your gonna have to reset your SkyPC. I would recommend not using Origin for now until the Feb, update which will add official support for it. Sorry for your loss :frowning:


oh no :((((((((( i have to reset :frowning:


Wait a second the LS Update is in Early March not February


that makes me feel better )


Woops! Sorry I knew it was march lol getting my days mixed up.


That's okay but I wish it was February but it gives them enough time to improve the update before they release it to public in March 1-7