Ok i like it .but still cheking things out


just checking it out, i do love the concept of all this and i will be buying soon


Before buying, you sould make sure about a couple of factors that will have a huge impact on how well the experience will be for you:

  1. your distance to the next data center (ideally, <500km, or at least within 1.500km)
  2. your internet speed (local ping ideally <20ms, dl speed 10 Mb/s or better)
  3. your local hardware (minimum requirements on the homepage)

Sadly the free trial had to be removed because people were abusing it heavily. But if you’re in doubt if it will work for you, feel free to ask here first, and/or maybe get a 9,99$ on-oiff package to test.

New user and quality of service
Signal strength?

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