Old pricing vs. New pricing comparison



Old Monthly:

New PAYG/Monthly:

Old PAYG: You get 25hrs for $10
New PAYG: You get 25hrs for $15

Old Monthly: You get 5000 credits for $20
New Monthly: You get 6000 credits for $30

This new pricing only increase the price with NO benefit (and I don’t think anyone will actually buy that annually plan).

SkyCredit Policy Update 5/29

Add price without add any value to customer. ( Also we got lessen value with new plan ) Great job :clap:


Also credits won’t roll over, makes me want to join another cloud gaming service now.


and more over drivers are not updated yet , so no use in upgrading prices ,waste of money , and beginners package get access only to gamer plan.


Money Money Money Money makers!!!

Now its Time to quit LS and go to other Service.

and other Services are not so Heavy Prices only pay per Month and no Credits per Min


They also lied about the off-peak time discount before


Their explanation: The second change to address is why we removed SkyCredit rollover. Our pricing plans are designed to give a lot more SkyCredits than users actually use, thus lots of users are accumulating massive amounts of SkyCredits that would be almost impossible to consume.
If “lots of users” never consume it, good for you, LS. Leftover credits in their account doesn’t cost you anything, this change is basically price increase for no F-ing reason.


Ok so recently I’ve been experiencing sudden spikes of up to 4000ms lag (Yes, 4 seconds.)

This is unacceptable, and I bet if I tried to find out why I’d be asked useless questions that could’ve all been asked in one post, and now that I’ve cancelled my subscription, I’m glad, because LiquidSky has decided to break and say I’ve only got 50ms of lag when in reality everything is lagging up to 2 seconds.

Thanks for the great times and the help I’ve gotten from the LiquidSky team, but it just isn’t for me anymore.


Drivers are sadly not within LS’ control (if you’ve seen the new streamer announcement)- they want to do things but some things are just not worth it (with regards to the former upgrade- again it was not justified in terms of cost).


It was never lied about as it was never guaranteed- they were considering about it for VIP perks but were more focused on the then upgrade and drivers.


As Morgan said elsewhere, Nvidia have messed things up with licenses not being scalable properly. This also affects big players like Amazon, so hopefully they’ll fix it soon. Then we’ll most likely also see upgraded drivers.



Well, i will need to look for another cloud gaming…


Truly a bad business move. Cancelled my subscription few days ago and now I am glad I did. Will vote with my vallet…


I will no longer pay cents to this people, they are becoming more greedy and Greedy
The thing is that, ** *** service is way better then yours i can play killzone with 60 fps without any input lag ! i’m so serious i was amazed with the performance for only 20$/month
and there is ****** with a great performance also !
but you come in here give us more bills to pay for some laggy stuff, i can’t even play NFS without getting streaming lags like i’m playing at 10 fps

Anyways my 2.600 Skycredit will be a waste, cuz they said if you don’t pay, your old skycredits will be GONE ! -_- Your business is getting lower bros ! cya


Edited your post- you have a right to be upset and express your opinion but it has to be within bounds of the rules.

You don’t have to pay to maintain credits- staff are willing to work with users one on one to maintain accounts. The blanket email is more for the inactive users as notification.


By european law you should include that info to those emails you send and also you should include that this change is so crucial that a user have right to cancel the contract.

What you are doing now and everybody who is defending it or is somehow part of this process - is illegal I just talked to my lawyer not that I want to sue you or something. It is not worthy of my time but for a good laugh I showved him this whole situation and he assured me you are doing illegal stuff and that you can pray nobody will sue you. You are breaking law in atleast three different ways.

It will be interesting if this will somehow get to court. It is naive to think this will happen fast but it may happen retroactively in few years. Changing contract heavily without visible and clear opt out way is very much illegal.


Keep in mind I’m not staff- only a user to keep these places clean for discussion within the bounds of the rules. Whether or not it’s within European law I simply have no idea personally being an American :man_shrugging:


I am not blaming you, man. I just had a discussion with an actual lawayer and wanted to share it. I am not even making a new post about it . It will be just here.

Since LS provides servers in Frankfurt it would a be under EU jurisdiction and when in EU you change contract so much as LS just did you MUST give chance to your customers to opt out from contract and compensate them. It is fairly logical. Also you must tell them there even is this possiblity for them.

Sadly none of these were done. I hope this explanation helps you my american friend :slight_smile:

Oh and for the record, it is a very good lawyer and works at Prague court


Say bye to a very lucrative customer who needs to not be limited due to his streaming activities and was willing to pay my fair share for the privilege. Greedy b***ards!


I’m not here to argue laws, but based on our terms of service we are very much in the clear. I do appreciate the concern and will double check with our legal team this coming week.