Old pricing vs. New pricing comparison


If you guys need a lawyer to tell you if you can get away with something, then it is probably not ethical. Apparently, nobody cares about paying customers that got this company where it is now.


For business, you literally need lawyers for everything.

Anyway, we definitely care and we are listening. I think the best thing is to keep providing feedback which can be discussed next week.


Honestly, I was a little relieved by a couple of your responses in another thread I spotted, but I still feel this is a bad direction to go. If I choose to stay, it seems I can either keep my plan or move to the new ones and still buy add-ons that WILL rollover. I use the service heavily and was doing the $40/month plan and topping up with the $80 add-on when needed so my stock stays healthy and I never have to worry.


Your TOS are really nothing when compare to EU LAW. Once again, you are obliged to give customers way to opt out when you make big changes in contract.

And I think we can all agree that you made big changes? I mean I respect your work and moderating but you really are playing with fire here. Be glad nobody takes “gaming time company” seriously and will not go to court over this. I think this is the only bet LS make.

I still cannot believe how many people think TOS are somehow more important than laws of countries. See number 11. You very much qualifies. You really can only pray nobody will take it to European Consumer Centres Network.


Funny enough recently I’ve been experiencing high input lag and now jitter on any server load, but the LiquidSky time are more interested in taking your money rather than fixing it.


The changes are ridiculous but the most revolting one is that you’re changing the rules of the game in the middle of it.

All clients who have credits in their account and who are not under a subscription - i.e. their credits rolled over - should be allowed to keep their credits indefinitely because that’s what they signed up for.

You’re effectively breaching the terms of the contract and forcing me to buy or lose my credits - even though I specifically paid the money with the rollover option in mind.

Such a breach of contractual terms could actually land you in court. You NEVER ever do it. All companies which change their terms in a similar way honor their commitments for existing users until the terms under which they signed up expire.

But beyond that this new pricing is a move that undermines trust in Liquidsky. I for one will not continue to use the service even though I’m a perfect target customer, since I travel around and use light laptops and could use a cloud service like this. But being forced to keep paying when I’m using it from time to time and waste my money on a service I will not use in full doesn’t make any sense for me.

I don’t mind the slight price increase, I understand you have to make money to keep going and improving. But you’re forcing me and thousands of other users into a long term commitment by holding what they paid for hostage.

There’s absolutely NO technical excuse for deactvating people’s accounts and erasing their credits. NONE. You’re doing it to force people into paying even more not to provide a better experience.

And that’s just disrespectful to a point that I will rather buy a gaming laptop like the new Razer - which delivers the performance without any glitches - than sponsor you, while you keep an ax hanging over my head, threatening to erase what I paid for.


They always avoid the question WHY THE PRICE INCREASE?

Their explanation:
“But, why the changes?
Many of you are aware, but pricing was brought up recently in the community. We loved all the feedback and made the decision to stick with something closer to our current pricing model. We have not turned our back on unlimited (trust us, we want it as much as you do), but given our limited resources, offering unlimited opens up several risks to our service that wouldn’t be good for our business or our users at this time. As LiquidSky stands right now, unlimited would just be asking for trouble. We are, however, continuing to work towards getting the platform to a place where unlimited would be doable.
The second change to address is why we removed SkyCredit rollover. Our pricing plans are designed to give a lot more SkyCredits than users actually use, thus lots of users are accumulating massive amounts of SkyCredits that would be almost impossible to consume. We are in beta, so we never were too concerned about it, and we never implement the limits that we stated we would last year. Well with the growth we had it has now gotten out of hand and has become a large liability that we need to address.
We hope you can take advantage of our new pricing and terms while continuing to enjoy LiquidSky well into the future.”

This make no sense because there is no advantage for customer at all
“We hope you can take advantage of our new pricing and terms” WUT?


You see, folks at Liquidsky, you don’t really understand what sort of a business you created. And this dick move will hit at the absolute core feature of it - trust.

You’re not a gaming service. You’re not a streaming service. You’re a hardware provider.

It may sound counter-intuitive but the real advantage of what you offer is precisely the access to hardware that the users no longer have to buy. You offer replacing their rig or a gaming laptop with a streaming service. i.e. you sell hardware by the hour.

However, for anybody to ditch their laptop or PC and use your service instead they have to trust that no matter what, their data is secure and that they can access their remote device at any time.

It’s about more than just occasional dicking around, playing games. If my gaming progress, but also my work, my files etc. etc. are forever held hostage with a realistic risk of them being deleted, then I will rather pay the extra money and make sure I have everything in a physical device that’s always with me.

People use their devices in any way they like - that’s the freedom their computers give them. But with your new plans that freedom is gone. Now you dictate the rules, you tell me how much I have to pay to keep access to MY OWN FILES.

Why in the world would I ever subscribe to that? Yes, it can work out cheaper than buying a new rig or a gaming laptop. And yes, it allows some people to play games they otherwise wouldn’t be able to play. But with the changes your service is just a rotten compromise not a permanent solution.

Having enough money people would still choose a physical device because it’s not held hostage by a company that clearly doesn’t give a damn about its users and feels it can change the rules of the game in the middle of it.

You had the chance and the position to change the way how computers are used. But you screwed it all up by thinking you can exact control over how people access and use their data.

In that - regardless of what you do now - you’ve completely destroyed all trust. Even if you decided to rollback all the changes the damage is irreversible. I will NEVER trust you with my files and data. I will NEVER use Liquidsky for anything serious. It will forever remain a service that I might use for a short blast when I’m bored, nothing else. Though, given the rising competition, it might not even be good for that and I certainly don’t see myself paying monthly.

You could have just raised the prices and some people would still complain, but all in all it would still be a good deal - and, understandably, you have to make money to recoup the investment you made.

But you decided to do something else - with this change you’re telling your users that you have control over their devices and if they don’t pay the ransom - because that’s what your new subscription plans really are - then their data AND credits - that they paid you money for - are gone.

It’s absolutely suicidal. It’s not an arrow to the knee - it’s an arrow to the head.


This simply doesn’t make sense. Why did you increase the prices if we haven’t even got the vgpu upgrade? We are still using the same old ones. This is just an increase with no reason. Is it because you hired more people to the team like you mentioned before Morgan? That’s not our fault, we didn’t even get a proper upgrade to the service, everything is the same as before, it’s ridiculous. I’m a PAYG, and I won’t pay 5 more dollars for the beginner plan for the same 25h of use. If this won’t change to the roots, LS will lose a ton of members you can bet. Extremely bad move by LS…


Copy pasta from another thread, but spreading the message around.

I will be meeting with the team and providing your feedback. I can’t guarantee anything, but there are a lot of valid points being brought up and some good ideas on fixes.



Sorry you are taking all the grief, but you have some very unhappy customers out there. Let’s hope cool heads prevail and we get a resolution that we are all happy with.


What you should have just said and done is simple:

“Guys, we need to increase the prices a bit because current subscriptions are not generating enough to develop new features and improve the service.”

Some people would still complain but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. And loyal customers are happy to throw in a few bucks for a service they like. Even at $600 per 1000h of gameplay on Pro it remains a pretty good deal. That’s about 3h of gaming every day for a year. Fully specced gaming laptop is $2000-3000 - and it’s not going to stay up to date forever.

But no, you decided not only to raise the prices but also screw us of credits we already bought, removed the rollover that guaranteed what we paid for stayed with us and are trying to force us into a subscription - or else we’re going to have our data and credits removed after 90 days.

And in return we get absolutely nothing.


I’d definitely look at your Australian customers too, this is very much against Australian consumer law.


That is all against European Union law.


Interesting I didn’t think they had any servers that would have a good enough ping to Australia. I was figuring they need one at least in South Korea or Japan for you guys.


Hong Komg is the nearest one. Ping should be some 150ish, so single player games are sort of playable.
There is an IBM data center in Sidney, so there’s hope for the future.


Morgan, sorry to say, but saying that is basically challenging the beast. Are you sure that the ToS will help, when most of those have been deemed to be not legally binding (i.e. damn near impossible cases to fight in court)? Have the higher ups think about that one…


I collected skycredits and stopped my monthly subscription, while waiting for the promised data center in Singapore, as the experience is still laggy. Instead the datacenter never realized and it seems they now want to take all skycredits away. Not really sure what I paid for.


Well said my friend!


Shame, count me out.

Gonna have to spend my saved up credits so they don’t take them away because I wasn’t throwing money at them.