Old pricing vs. New pricing comparison


I will do the same. Sad thing is, I am able to use only Gamer plan. LS does not allow me to use Pro plan at all and it is unacceptable for me, because I am not able to play games like GTA V, Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Do not forget that Gamer plan cost 2x more credits than before. LS wants to make sure that they will drain our credis much faster.


To bad. TBH the new plan is bad but the whole transition is handled even worse. I don’t even get why they had to introduce a new pricing plan to increase the price. This only adds confusion and mistrust. If you want to change pricing plans you need to offer benefits to please the community or it will backfire.
Also whomever wrote the blogpost, it’s a bad one. What are you trying to do? You managed to write down the features of the new pricing plan but completely failed to communicate the changes for existing users (95% of the people who read this post).
And then there is this miserable attempt to disguise this as a community wish by highlighting “brought up recently in the community.” to insinuate that this change was a community wish for people who just skimming this blog post, while it is clear that the only reason for this change is LiquidSky to get rid of some SkyCredits and increase the pricing in one move.


This company is so out of touch. No direct response for 4 days now.


“Hey guys, we need to fix our service but I like money…”

Side note - This is when I have the settings set to 720p 30fps.


And yet another side note, it increases to 7-10 seconds when playing a game. Absolutely amazing service that I am willing to pay more for and get nothing in return!


I’m getting the exact same latency atm, London and Frankfurt data center. 1000+ ms jitter, and even on the desktop, up to 10 seconds input delay after a little while. London was better for me yesteday, but that was probably because of lower server load at that time. Funnily, I was able to use the US data centers and Hong Kong just fine, with hardly any jitter, but the network latency to all these data centers is too high for me to really use them.

All in all, this looks like a server load issue to me (I’m no technician or coder though), and it may also be related to the double bandwidth bug. So let’s wait for official info on that. This is clearly a bug, LiquidSky are aware of it, and I’m sure they’ll take care of it as quickly as they can.


I also think that it has to do with the new streamer/bandwidth issues, as FPS is actually higher these days, evne during the peak times. Hopefully, they’ll fix it this week and have a clear answer for us concerning the now-infamous new pricing policy and taking away/not taking away our old credits.


Sorry I have to put my 10 cents in now, the whole, this server works fine, I had no trouble, maybe a little lag, probably server load is getting rather old and annoying as it seems to be what most of the Community Mods are saying. Completely un true, I constantly use London and London only, I connected this morning to see what’s what and surprise surprise still getting appalling service. I connected at 08:45 btw which is far from server peak/load times, everyone is back at work today as it is a bog standard normal working day. Just gets a little irritating when the same excuse is thrown around time after time. The service you provide is broken, can no-one just admit to that?


Yeah, I know. It’s weird that it’s also happening in the morning. We can only speculate, but maybe a lot of users are trying to burn through all their remaining credits as fast as possible now, even at uncommen times. After all, LD and FF are the only European servers, and therefore exremely crowded.

You’re right about the fps (stream fps). It’s much smoother now, when it’s working.

*Edit: I see I already told you the same in your other topic, sorry for sort of double posting. :wink:
**Editedit: Lol, I’ve confused you with @NZHDEH, your profile pictures are the same.

Anyway, I’m not LS staff, only a user with god mode priviliges on the forum. So it’s not “my” service, and we mods don’t have any insight into what’s happening. If I knew what’s going on, I’d tell you. :slight_smile:


WUT - there’s been plenty of direct response over the weekend. Instead of enjoying my long weekend, I was listening to you guys so that I can provide feedback to the management team :heart:. So far this morning, I’m going back through all of the comments and compiling a list. I’ve run some of them by our product manager, but we need to discuss with management. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks Morgan, just do your best as our Community Manager. Since you are the elo between us and Management dept., you can always ask them to lose 30 mins and check the forum to see how things are ‘in the real world’, besides the ‘profit/numb€r$ world’, otherwise as we all can see, most of the community will abandon this project.


So as a serious question, and I’m not sure if even you have an answer for it Morgan, what WAS the reason for this price change and burn rate change anyway? It’s one thing to change the pricing (which, to be completely honest, I didn’t mind), but the non-rollover credits that burn at twice the rate for Beginners is just a REALLY bad move in terms of customer trust. I mean, I’m even starting to not trust the company, despite the fact that I’ve been around since its early alpha/beta phase. I’m sure they had their reasons, and I don’t really expect a detailed response, but if they (upper management) want to gain the trust of the community back, they’re going to have to work twice as hard as before to really earn it.


One of the very basic principles behind this is the GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles), revenue isn’t recognized until the service has been performed, regardless of when the money is actually received. Not saying this is the fault of anyone, but it’s something I just learned myself. You could see how that’d lead to a sticky situation when looking at our SkyCredit balance sheets.

I can’t comment any further on the situation until I talk with management. I’d just be repeating myself over and over otherwise. Stay tuned.


I can see why that is important. Please note though, that this is the ultimate consequence of providing a service with credits that don’t expire; people WILL hoard.


You’re not wrong.

My goal is to find a middle ground. I’m making a list of ideas based on user feedback and presenting soon.


Or not providing a stable service and people will save their tokens.
I have personally wasted a ton of tokens getting games to work, that previously worked on beta 1.

If I couldn’t save my tokens, I, like many, would have cancelled the subscription long ago.


I guess LiquidSky sort of shot themselves in the foot here. Because SkyCredits were never intended to roll over, but to expire after 3 months. They only chose not to enforce this rule last year. :innocent:
The PAYG credits may be a different matter, don’t recall how that was supposed to be handled.


Здравствуйте, я неоднократно оплачивал тарифы с 1 кредитом в минуту на Gamer и 2 кредитами на PRO. Я отдал деньги именно за такую тарификацию. У меня накопилось примерно 18000 кредитов. Но по новым правилам мои 18000 можно поделить на 2??? Получается, что по старой тарификации я накопил 9000??? Вы с ума сошли??? Если решили вводить новое правило снятия кредитов, то значит удвойте количество кредитов у тех пользователей, которые покупали по старым тарифам. Я ПЛАТИЛ ЗА 1 КРЕДИТ В МИНУТУ НА GAMER И 2 КРЕДИТА НА PRO!!!

Hello, I have repeatedly paid tariffs with 1 credit per minute on Gamer and 2 credits on PRO. I gave the money for such a tariff. I have accumulated about 18,000 credits. But under the new rules, my 18,000 can be divided by 2??? It turns out that the old tariff I have accumulated 9000??? Are you crazy??? If you decide to introduce a new rule of withdrawal of credits, which means double the number of credits from those users who bought at the old rates. I PAID FOR 1 CREDIT PER MINUTE ON THE GAMER, AND 2 CREDITS IN PRO!!!


In the beta 1, tokens didn’t expire, but there was a hour cap, around 700 hours I think.

That three month thing was brought in for beta 2 which had a huge backlash.

So historically, tokens were intented to roll over.


Please note that there have been changes made to the SkyCredit policy.