Only way to play is with lowest quality, visually unplayable


so when i go into games with auto quality my local ms is fine until i get into a match and then its unplayable. so i turned down the quality slider to where it was mechanically playable but then the graphics were so bad i could barely play. i have good internet and my computer is decent enough. 6 gb ram and 1.7 ghz. why is it doing this? one of the games i frequently play on my computer with good graphics but using LS it can only play on the lowest graphics. any help would be greatly appreciated.


yes i am experiencing it too, the whole screen would be graphically terrible and starts lagging etc. The ping and everything else would be great but just that occasionally the lag spike would just be annoying, considering we paid for a premium service


Someone pointed out in this forum some windows feature to disable so the quality would evolve a lot, but I don't remember where. If you DON'T have unlimited plan you can try Parsec just to see if it gets better. Steam In-Home Streaming is useful too