Optimal band-witch required to run a game at 1080 pixels with 60 fps


What is the optimal Internet connection required to run games like Assassins Creed Syndicate, cause I have 3.5 mb/s Internet connection, and the status of my network is 97/100 and I experience Major lag in almost all games. If its not because of the In Internet connection what can it possibly be. I am using a Intel core i7 with 8 gb of ram, and Nvidia Gt 740m. Any help would be appreciated I am planing on getting the Unlimited Package but I am not sure if it's gonna work for me.


your computer is great :+1: as far as internet connection, to run liquid sky really really smooth, you at least 5 MB/sec or 40mbps and higher. The higher internet connection you have in you house the better liquid sky will run


my computer is also really good but not so much for my internet, I'm getting a 60mbps/ 7 MB/sec internet plan to help LS run smoother


So 5.0 mb/s is the best network that can run Liquidsky smooth?


One more thing does the Ping matter Like I Live in Houston TX but using Dallas TX data center matters?


your location is fine, your actually closer to that data center than i am, 5 MB/s is just the minimum you suppose to have when connecting to LS, the farther you are from a date center the better internet you will need but sense your location and computer specs are great, all you need is better internet if you want LS to run better, Houston has some pretty good deal on fast internet


The ping for optimal performance should be 20 or less ms. I and other players have higher ping though, but that doesn't make games unplayable.


I have a 100 mbps connection and everything usually works well for me. The only time I've experienced lag or screen-tearing and quality drops is when someone else on the network is doing something extremely bandwidth intensive.

If anyone else uses Sling TV does LiquidSky also become unusable for you if someone is watching something? I haven't noticed problems with any other streaming service other than Sling TV.