Optimisation the witicher 3



i would like to know what plan i should use to have the better experience with the witcher 3 ?
And what setting I should use ? high ?



Gamer can handle the game fine on medium/high settings. On lower resolutions even more, I’ve played on a 1366x768 device (1080p stream / 768p game resolution), with Ultra settings. You won’t get full 60 fps outdoors rather something round 35-50, but that’s more than enough for a role playing game.

Pro plan will give you a performance boost, of course. Frame rates do improve, and the game also feels much smoother overall because it doesn’t have to load new content into RAM so often.


cannot confirm that. I tried playing Witcher 3 in high settings on pro mode, and today I got 18-20 frames per second (Frankfurt server). On some days, it is fine with around 50 fps, but usually it is unplayable.


It may vary depending upon datacenter and time unfortunately. Peak times for servers are usually 17:00-21:00 local time of the server location, but for the EU datacenters I know that it can stretch to 0:00 given the geographically dense nature of Europe. Also keep in mind that you never connect to the same hardware set necessarily, and may be placed in a block with someone doing something they shouldn’t be (be it running games at ridiculous settings and hogging up hardware to cryptomining- the QoS should ensure that this doesn’t happen but it can happen).


In addition to what @N00B731O said, there’s a difference between ingame fps and stream stuttering. Sometimes the stream can become laggy, eeven though the game itself is running at high fps on the server. Best check fps with Fraps or the Steam fps counter or other tools.


thanks for your help. I tried to play with gamer plan twice but i had 20-25 fps so i played on pro plan with ultra settings and i have 60fps so it’s perfect (just more expensive …)


Well it can depend upon resolution as well- higher resolutions require more performance for certain framerates and quality settings.


If you want to use Gamer, set resolution to 1366x768, or 1600x900.


that was the fps-counter in GOG, so it was ingame indeed. Streem was fine though.
Ragarding @N00B731O: peak times might be an issue, but tbh, it shouldn’t be the user’s problem. And the long announced discounts for anti-peak times are still not available…
LS during beta 1 was a great experience. Now, it is super annoying and frustrating. The only reason I am still trying to use it from time to time is the investment I took (paying customer from beta 1 until a few weeks ago) and the 13k credits I still have.


(It might seem like I keep saying the same thing with regards to this, but I only do so as it is what I know being a mod getting information from Morgan.)

I know that feeling as well- things have changed to say the least from my experience of things. That being said, staff aren’t exactly twiddling their thumbs as they work (in a way it can be potentially attributed to the fact that the company is small, but they have been hiring as far as I can tell [2nd Q&A with Ian was delayed due to interviewing new hires]), but they are busy working on various things at once (assuming that they are practical solutions to issues; the proposed P100 upgrade wasn’t much better than the M60s currently [hence why there wasn’t an upgrade then])- fixing new bugs with the recent renderer update (unfortunately still some lingering issues even with hotfixes- but such is the nature of software) and working on projects in the Enterprise side of this service (things from there will trickle down to here, especially with regards to new hardware that they’re testing).


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