Origin issues (software unusable)


Is there any news or an update on the situation with the Origin software causing the Sky Computer to become unusable?

I seriously doubt Origin will change the way their software works, so it's going to have to be LS adapting to allow it to function.

Reasons why this must be addressed:
Origin is required to play:
Mass Effect 3
Dragon Age: Inquisition
The Sims 4
Every EA game made in the last 9-12 months, and every upcoming EA game (ME Andromeda, etc.)

Note: Shutting off the web-helper only works part of the time. It seems to be able to re-enable itself on update without changing the option slider, meaning it appears disabled, but is actually enabled. I've had this happen twice.

LS, please help us! If the goal is to allow Mac and Linux users to play PC games, then you've got to support the 2nd-largest digital games supplier - especially now that they've confirmed they will no longer release any games through Steam.