Origin problem pls help


Hey LS users i have a problem with origin when install origin on LS computer, i can run sky computer sorry for poor english and best regards


Origin doesn't work on the same platform so it's not interconnectable


oh ok you know maybe ffix it ?


not yet you might have to research to find the answer


Actually ORIGIN does work with the SkyComputer.

However, whenever you launch the computer it dies and is not able to startup ever again unless you create a new one.

To fix this, install origin in the skycomputer, then go to SERVICES.MSC (you can search for it on the windows search bar). Once inside services, scroll down until you find ORIGIN WEB HELPER service, right click and set to MANUAL instead of automatic.

That should stop Origin from screwing the SkyPC. Be warned though, everytime Origin updates you MUST do this all over again.

If I recall correctly, Origin should be fixed and good to go in the March update.


Origin works perfectly in LiquidSky desktop. I play titanfall 2 using ultra plan in LiquidSky desktop without any issue in gameplay. Only issue is Origin has two windows services which you need to set to start Manually. Otherwise, they take forever to start and your desktop will fail to connect.

To fix this issue:
Open windows services
Locate Origin services in services list
Set them to start Manual



that's what I typed above :grin:


solution :
https://www.reddit.com/r/LiquidSky/comments/54xepj/how_to_fix_origin_installation_in_liquidsky/ thanks for reply REGARDS