Origin Skycomputer Crashing Problem Fix?


I haven't found a way to make this work, but maybe someone smarter than me would like to try using Cameyo.com to create a executable of the origin launcher, this will create a version that can't run in the background and should stop it from ruining the startup... the only problem I am encountering is that games won't install properly because the way it handles installing extra data outside of the app it's self once it's an executable file


That's alot of effort for something that looks like it'll be fixed in a few weeks. But usually when you use cameyo to create the executable it has to be a vm of the os you plan to run it on so create a clean vm of windows server 2008 and then start cameyo and install origin and games then finish and you should have an executable but I doubt this will solve the issue.

I haven't used cameyo in ages so it may have changed.

The problem with origin is it blocks a port that liquidsky uses, so if you could stop it from starting the web helper everytime the skycomputer starts up it should work. But origin has a habit of turning that back on again without warning.