Origin workaround is not working anymore?


Hello LiquidSky,

Have not been here for a while, so today I installed the Origin, typed the command that prevents Sky computer from being stuck while starting by disabling one of the Origin's service. Did not work for me. Anyone else fellow users?
P.S Forgot to mention, after typing the command the Sky computer does not start.

Thank you.


You need to unselect Web Helper and Origin Update inside Origin apps settings. Thats all. No commands.


Thanks, I appreciate your help.


For my too dont work


I made that and dont work



I followed your instructions carefully, however it did not help to solve the issue.


I had origin update this morning and turned the web helper back on because I couldn't access the skycomputer after that. I personally won't be using origin again until the march update because every update seems to take out the skycomputer.


Yeah, Since last origin update, workaround dont work anymore, just wait for March before installing Origin again