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gl to everyone :slight_smile: hope many people can get one!


Make my theme again visible (https://community.liquidsky.tv/t/new-contest-for-beta-keys-from-liquidsky/4480)
She was still invisible.


I can see your theme just fine buddy :slight_smile:


Well that's all the people who can already access LS disappointed. :S


If I would have knew that this gleam.io contest (that I already participated days ago) is the surprose, I would have not wasted my whole night waiting here for something awesome. Am pissed now. :confounded:


I agree with him. I am feeling cheated


I have my mid semester exams today. I didn't slept whole night. It's almost 5 am. Now god knows what I'll do in exam coz am feeling to sleepy but now I don't have time to sleep.


Sorry guys, I meant to say, but it was supposed to be a surprise.
And you would I still can not believe it.


Same here and i really regret wasting those hours for waiting since i already did it couple days ago.


Yes the tweet was a little hype maker for something that is not new


Yeah, this was revealed in their newsletter. Maybe that was by accident?


i think. I'm c ompleted tha t



It's a non-surprise for users that already are in the beta...
I have been present for all the AMA... And this is that, the surprise?!




Well the AMA was good i did enjoy it :slight_smile: I was hoping that there will be some kind of priority for people like me that has been in line waiting for months and still didnt get any chance whit the beta. Instead of have to try the luck one more time :slight_smile: but well thats just my oppinion :slight_smile:


I did everything, so I hope that I get beta key.


You seriously need to reconsider your priorities in life if you have done this and then wish to blame something else for your lack of self control and ability to focus on what's important to you. If LS is more important than your exams you can't be complaining!


Dear Sir I am eagerly waiting for the approval. Kindly aprove my account and allow me to enjoy what i am waiting for .... it is a humble request. ..... rajkkc@gmail.com


Guys just use EC2/Azure if you want to cloud game THAT MUCH.

It's no secret. LS is still more affordable, but until then, you can just use these.


how many beta keys?????