Overwatch Staff Challenge - [TEAMS PICKED]


Neigh I am quitting liquid sky because even the competition needs money for sky credits and the game and also you all lying on us you say that the app is free and its 90% free


Please be careful whom you call a liar. And surely not the community manager who"s only been around since July. Thank you very much.


no it doesn’t(if you have a decent pc), so if you have a pc that can run overwatch, give it a shot, you never know, if not, use liquidsky or don’t even participate, about liquidsky no longer being “free” it’s because people were abusing the free plan in order to get more credits, like creating multiple accounts. You can read it all here:


Yeah, we didn’t say you had to use LiquidSky to sign up. You just have to own Overwatch. :wink:


is the drawing for players still open i would like to compete.


The peak time thing… I don’t like that.


Me neither, but well, what can we do?


Yes, we will be picking people tomorrow.


Teams have been selected! Please check the update on the main post above.



The servers won’t be full when I try to log onto my SkyPC to compete right?


Buckle up! Time to chew ass and kick bubblegum! :skull:


I’ve got your back Jack


Wow! Totally shocked I’m in… And on Team 1! Thanks a bunch guys :wink: Clearly picking awful players to make yourselves look good :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet can’t wait to play!! #Team2


So… we have to clarify which region we have to be on. Like I cannot add guys from EU who are on US and such. You have to switch regions in the launcher to do that. Morgan also said there will be a Discord to keep in touch between/before matches.


GG !
nice match, nice people and a really interesting match .

please make more tournaments !


i want another LoL tournament because i didn’t knew liquidsky existed yet, but well, better optimize liquidsky and then focus on contests and tournaments. Maybe some day


There is now LOL challenge active, apply now. Maybe you get in with me.


I probably won’t, it’s on NA, i’m from EUW, but i’ll try to level up a account in NA