Pay as you go plan unclear


Hello I would just like to know what the pay as you go plan means. For example, does it mean you pay for 1 day or 1 week or 1 year. When you pay four ninety nine, what period of time does it give you for use? That's all. Thanks for any responses!


You know I was wondering the same thing. I am glad you asked.:slight_smile:


The current pay as you go plan gives you 10 hours = 10 sky credit when you pay 5$ . Dont know about the new plans coming out in March though.


PayG users have to access their SkyPC at least once every 7 days or it will be deleted. No time limit on credits as far as i know.


thanks for the response and the clarification


Thanks for all the responses guys! So do you guys think pay as you go is a good choice for a plan and do you think they will have a different pay as you go plan in March. I'm currently only looking for a pay as you go plan as I cannot have reoccurring charges on my credit card. Thanks y'all!


Pay as you go is active as long as your have credits and visit within 7 days... I do believe you have to long in every 3 days to make sure you sky computer isn't deleted though


What do you mean? Do you mean that you get unlimited use if you purchase a pay as you go plan but have to log in every once in a while?


no, active = you can access your skycomputer... I also assume if you don't log in every 7 days your sky credits don't rollover... esp with the new free account coming in march


Correction, with a gamer plan it seems you don't need to worry about the seven days, just on the pay as you go and free tier (new in march)


Is gamer plan a pay as you go tier too?


No. The Gamer plan is the monthly subscription to the service. Several plans will be available but we still have to wait for the details.


right now there's a 14.99/80 credits a month option and a unlimited plan... in march they will introduce a free tier where you can earn 3 hours per day watching ads and bank them... pay as you go with $0.50/hour and $9.99/80 credits or equivalent package with no unlimited option but you can get free and discounted credits on the 9.99 plan