Payed for the One time plan, didnt get the credits [SOLVED]



I just downloaded the client and bought the 10 Euro One Time Plan. it said that an error occured and that i should try it later, means that i didnt get the credits. fine. but then i realised something: the money was billed of my psc acc? so i payed for nothing, can you help me?
(sorry for bad english)


For payment issues, you’ll have to contact Xsolla directly, because they handle all the payment stuff. You can open a support ticket with LiquidSky at of you need more assistance. But the forum isn’t the right place to discuss payment details.


Hi Zeymare,

I checked this with Xsolla and they have made the necessary adjustment and it has already pushed through.

SkyCredits are also already in your account.


Thanks guys for the help, i thought for a minute that i got scammed.