Payed for unlimited a month or two ago and only used once, now banned? was account hacked?


Hi I bought the unlimited plan and have not been able to recover my password and I got a message that I was banned and to contact you.

was my account hacked? Like I said I used it one time to test it out and did not have much luck, installed origin and battlefield as far as I can remember and a few steam games.

If hacked are my payment details at risk, will I still be billed? Can I have my account back if this was just a mistake?

Kind of worried would at least like to know what happened.


Hey Gahaga,

Could you please forward me your LiquidSky account email so we can further investigate the issue?

I'll be sure to remedy that issue for you and get your account back and running as soon as possible.



PM'd, also received an email from billing telling me the ban was for ddosing you guys or someone else with my account... so being hacked is confirmed.