Payment problem


I do not know if it's an error or prices jumped, but I noticed that I pay $ 5 more than I should (due to participation in Alpha). I wonder if that be or it is a mistake


Recently LiquidSky changed its payment processor, but you shoud still be grandfathered by Alpha prices. Contact support.


It is probably a bug, but how i can contact with suport? Email doesn't work (it is disabled)


Login to your account then open the support chat at the bottom of the page:


Hey Fervi,

Can you submit a screenshot of the pricing error so we can look into it?



@fervi I do think it is extra charge from Xsolla, about 5% charge.


Yep, sorry :slight_smile:

But it is a bug probably, because i paid in october


Thanks Fervi for this screenshot!

We will look into this, but it is most likely a pricing bug being displayed on your purchase page. However, if you are being charged $14.99, we will ensure that you are promptly refunded and charged the correct amount.


On Paypal it is ok, BUT Liquidsky don't want to get money from there for this month