Payment taken, no credits added on gamers plan?


Sorry for using the community for this problem, but having difficulties in getting a response from online support. I'm on a gamers plan my second payment since joining liquidsky seems to be a issue. The payment was taken 8 days ago and according to your payment service live chat they told me it's been successful, but still no credits added, anybody else having the same issue or is it a glitch in the system? I'd be very grateful if one of the liquidsky support team help me to resolve this issue. thank you.


Just sent you the message, please check.


Same thing happened to me. First they charged me and didn't give credits. Then they deleted my computer, then they changed the plan. All without notification - still waiting on support.


Hello Ian,

Are you still encountering this issue? If so, please forward me your LiquidSky Account Email so I can further assist you.