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do we really need to wait 1 week or more for a 3 hours trial?
i call f***ing bs


Haha, I believe it took a bit over a months for me and this was when they were slightly less popular. You have any idea how many people are already trying to sign up and they have to control their demand. They've been giving out beta keys for the last 2-3 weeks like crazy, I had beta keys I couldn't even get rid of. (they are expired now though) But just be patient, you might not be able to get in until February or March though due to the recent changes.

Best of luck though.


a week? that's nothing compared to what others have had to wait which is months to gain access to LS beta


Last year, many guys wait for 3 months or longer for free trial because they don't want to pay the service, we all know how expensive of cloud server!! You are only waiting for one week but complaining.....


Yes,i am complaining because they did not said that i need to wait more than a month,at least they could write this somewhere.
And also,because waiting months for a 3 hours trial......