Performance Drops During Peaks Times


Has anyone else noticed big performance drops during peak times?

For example, an Ultra server can run Overwatch at 60FPS in-game no problem but during evenings and some weekends I've found it will drop to as low as 30FPS in-game.

From what I gather, this is down to sharing a server's resources with more people during peak times.

I'm concerned this might become more of a problem once LS relaunches in March. Seems unfair to advertise a certain level of hardware only for it to perform significantly worse because servers are overcapacity.

Distribution of performance for each SkyComputer

Might also be your ISP being over subscribed like mine so gets hammered in the peak times. Virgin Media.


This is very common. Usually, the ultra servers are so bogged down that there is virtually no difference between playing on the normal setting compared to ultra. Not to mention its far too fickle. Far too often do I start out a session with decent performance to suddenly drop 5-10 minutes later.


You can always see if its your internet provider easily if you go to If it is not your problem, then it probably is problem with a congested server. I would rather see a server is full error then a server will attempt to work when it can't and eat up your credits. I hope these thing change in Feb.


Thanks, this is exactly what I mean.

What worries me is that Ian said they've managed to fit even more users onto a server at the CES presentation, which will allow them to run an ad-supported tier. So if it's bad now, what will it be like after the update?


This has nothing to do with internet speeds/providers, I'm talking about the actual in-game performance you get from your LS Skycomputer.

It's a server-side issue. I've noticed big drops in FFS on the same game during peak times because of too many users sharing the same server.


Noticed this too even on the High package level, during peak hours the performance of the machine is degrading and its affecting game performance, FPS goes down and the game begins more to stutter.

My skyPC is located in the London data center.
I hope they have better resource allocation in the new platform, it seems on the current platform its out of balance and the hardware is overbooked during peak hours.


Yes I absolutely do experience this as well on the Frankfurt server. Kind of glad to hear it is not just me but of course it sucks.
Basically makes it so I forgo playing in the evenings for a movie. During the day, the service does work well on ultra though. I really wonder about resource allocation when it is a free for all in March.

I am kind of worried that the server cares at all about how many peer are connected to it for single client performance. In my understanding you got an own segregated unit of processing and internet access.

It does of course explain well that they cant extend the beta access as much as they would like at the moment. Im pretty sure the first few days and weeks of LS 2.0 will be a bit of hit and miss, as with any big launch.


Just to say is of no use as far as I know. If Liquid SKy streams like any other kind of video then it uses single part/thread to stream where as tests only for multithread.

These are the kind of Speed test sites to test on.


both of those test both Multipart and most importantly for Video streaming single part downloading.

I hear this is not the OPs issue but just to inform anyone else who needs to chech the IPS speeds. Particularly at peek times.