Pick the Game for the Next Staff Challenge


We need your help deciding the next game for our staff challege where we give you (the community) the chance to challenge us (LiquidSky staff) to a game and win SkyCredits.

  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Guns of Icarus
  • Rainbow 6: Siege
  • CS: GO

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Help please! :(

Battlefield 1 20 char.


How about CS:GO? Easier to have more participants (if you can set up the server, otherwise teams of 8/16)


Can you make custom games?

I’ll add it to the list!



Yeah,but you must rent server server.2.99 dollars per day.Thats not much.


That will be great.Let say 12 vs 12.


I’ll add it to one of the next staff challenges - I’d like to wait until we update the drivers. :slight_smile:


Yeah smart idea.Thanks


I feel like Rocket League it’s the best choice. You don’t need 500 hours to be able to play it decently like LOL or DOTA, it doesn’t get much time to to get the hangs of it and it’s damn cheap.


And almost anyone can play it, so, no need to use liquidsky to play it, and one question, if rocket league gets selected, is it possible for me to play with people on pc with a Xbox One?


I don’t think you can party cross platform.


Oh R.i.p, feels bad xd


Does CS:GO work on gamer package? Spec wise I know it can, but I read a post that the anti hack system prevents it?


Rainbow please! I have a friend that is PRO, TOO!


I have a new game steam metro conflict the origin on steam is an excellent multiplayer game so team please select this game please please please


I have an Watch Dogs and World of Conflict and Assisan’s Creed 4 Black Flag in my Ubisoft account and I can’t play them on my PC please select any of these.


Sad dota 2 isn’t included in the list :sob:


I’m pretty sure those are all single player games either way…


(20) Characters