PING on the new data center


So liquidsky will be adding new data center on new update that held on 7 march. what im asking is, i always getting ping around 90-120 ms on 15mbps and im using HongKong data center that were around (2100KM) away from me, im from INDONESIA. They said that they will be adding singapore data center that were around (1100KM) away from me. SO, can i reach around 60-70 ms PING after the new update? i only need around that ping to get stable connectivity... HOW do you think? can i reach 60-70 ms PING or maaybe even better? thanks because i really hype for the new update - sorry for my bad english


hmmmmmmm..... anyone know? is it possible ? XD


Data centre at chennu is more close to you, no?


no,hongkong is closer for me


I'm from Vietnam and connect to the HongKong server . The remote latency is about 25-30ms. Distance from my city to HongKong server is about 1400km btw. So I think if they launch Singapore server, your distance to the data center will be nearer and therefore latency will be better.


DAMN.. how much internet speed that you've got?


15mbps :slight_smile: But have to use liquid sky with no one using the internet but me.
I also expect the Singapore data center will be available soon. It will make the connection more stable.


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