Ping required for gaming


hi there, how about 75 ms ping is it good for gaming i stay in India i am connected to HG server my experience was quite good.


75 is pretty good- to my knowledge most Indian players get highish ping. Good enough for single player games, but not very good with competitive/online games. Your ping might be borderline acceptable for it.


what performance can i expect at what average frame rates can i play games on pro , my internet speed is 100 mbps. and what quality slider is suitable


Performance of the skycomputer does not depend upon your network ping per se. The stream may cause issues if your network is not up to par, but skycomputer performance depends upon time usually. If there’s a lot of users (generally this happens during peak- usually during 15:00-21:00 local time of the datacenter location) the skycomputer can slow down. Average frame-rates vary by game so the only way to tell is if you run the game locally.


Can you please confirm that it’s important to chek the local time of the datacenter?

I mean, Frankfurt is 3 hours “lagging behind” Moscow, so, does that mean if I launch LS in, say, 23:00 Moscow time that will still be the peak time for the Frankurt datacenter?

Because I’m occacionally still getting FPS drops and streaming issues even when I try to play at 1-2AM Moscow time.


At least for me in my experience it is- logging in at around those times for the DC datacenter it usually is. Though in the case of EU datacenters it can stretch longer (to my knowledge @Xelasarg says midnight CST- might be 8:00 onward for you if I remember my time zones correctly) due to the dense population geography of the EU- these datacenters are servicing more people overall from different countries and time zones.


I saw somewhere that peak times for FF are indeed longer. It’s the biggest data center, and all users from Eastern Europe are there for lack of a data center further east.

So it might be possible that you land in a full server node even later. Though 1am Moscow time seems strange to me, that would be 4am CET. :thinking:


Yes, but that’s actually 22:00 pm for Frankfurt and all the neighboring cities or even countries, right? The data center was lagging yesterday at 1:30 am, actually, with huge FPS drops (down to 10fps in Far Cry 5) and some streaming issues. This isn’t a regular thing, though.


Wait, I was messing things completely up. Of course, and 10pm is still peak time, or at least close behind peak time, at FF, sorry… :innocent:


No worries, my friend! On the bright side, when I get myself to wake up early on Sundays, 9am for me in Moscow is 6am in Frankfurt, and both FPS and streaming are perfect :smiley:


That’s the spirit. :wink::+1:
Also, if you start gaming at 5pm in the afternoon, it’s 2pm in Frankfurt. Should also be fine.


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