Play LiquidSky on Xbox One!


The Remotr app for Windows was updated today to include support for Xbox One. I’ve tried it out and it needs some fine-tuning to get everything working properly, but it is already my favorite way of playing games on LiquidSky!


How does conttoller support work in this setup


And what's the point? Why not just buy xbox one games for your xbox one?


Ha ha ha ha! Are you serious? C'mon now. You can't possibly think that one single platform has all the games worth playing on it?

Besides, have you ever looked at some of those Steam or Humble Bundle sales? You can typically find quality games at a much lower price on PC. Why would I want to spend more to play them on my Xbox natively when I can get them for less and enjoy them everywhere with LiquidSky?


Not very well yet, I'm afraid. I had to plug in a keyboard and fiddle with Remotr's menu in order to turn on the Xbox Configuration profile in Steam Big Picture mode. That seems to have allowed me to get better controller support, but I haven't had a chance to test it much to make sure.