Playing at 1080p and 720p


Is there so much difference between playing in 1080p and 720p?? Please reply


This is depending on the size of your pc/smartphone if the screen is bigger then you will a big difference but if the screen is very small then there is nearly no difference.


There is a considerable difference, yes. I play off of my laptop,which has a small screen, 15" I believe. I can tell a drastic difference between 720 and 1080p.


The higher the resolutuin the sharper the image and you get more picture in the same space. Like comparing 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen TV..


If you don't see the difference use 720 since it gives better download and upload times, and, therefor, less latency


Yeah that's why I am asking all of you. I haven't tried LS yet


Also I needed to plan my internet plan based on it


Yeah, 720 will take considerably less bandwidth


Will 720p nice to play. I mean good quality??


If traffic consumption is an issue, use 720. It is considerably good. It is better than 360, but worse than 1080. Nuff said.


OK thanks for your replys guys


Do yourself a favor and go for 1080p, unless graphical quality doesn't matter to you.