Playing on Laptop through TV


Hi all,

When I connect my Windows 10 laptop via HDMI all is well until I go full screen on the LiquidSky client. Then the image is no longer displayed on the TV and disappears from the laptop also, apart from the odd flicker of the image (on the TV it is off fully).

If I disconnect the HDMI cable or take out of full screen it goes back to being fine. No problems on the client in full screen mode if it isnt connected to the TV.

Anyone come across this before?



I haven't and it sounds like very weird behavior. Unfortionately I doubt the developers will be looking into a fix due to the new client being released soon but reporting it here can only be a good thing as the issue may also exist in the new client (may be hard for them to reproduce though to test).

Only thing I would suggest is to make sure your TV supports 1080p @ 60hz, what resolution is running on your desktop when connected to the TV? Maybe try turning to to 30FPS and 720p in the client before going full-screen. Probably won't make a difference but worth trying if you haven't already :slight_smile:


There is one very important thing to do and that is too update your drivers. If your video card has old graphic drivers this can be a major issue.


can u give me a key ? pls :smiley:


i saw ur very helpfull ... if u get send me to ... thx bro :wink:


There are no more beta keys. New users have to wait for release in march.