Please get rid of Xsolla


Xsolla is far worse than the payment system you had in the past. It seems to be buggy and their customer support is worse than LiquidSky's. My $39.99 unlimited plan was due to renew today. Today I wake up and my LS had been downgraded to pay as you go. After some failed attempts to get in touch with their support I finally call them (where I was put on hold for more than 20 minutes) and they tell me that the last time my plan was renewed on 12/01/2016 it was also canceled the same day. LOL what? I didn't cancel it, this is absurd that because integration with their system and yours is extremely buggy I now have to start all over with a brand new Sky pc. I liked the old system better and judging from other posts on here I am not the only one who has had troubles with Xsolla.


yeah I agree, Xsikka is pure BS, but the only think that I see its useful for is for paying with your Amazon account, nothing else seems useful for it and there are way better payment gates like paymentwall


My account was supposed to be renewed on 12/25/2016, never happened. It downgraded me to Pay as you go. I've been talking to LiquidSky ever since.

This morning I see I have an email from Xsolla charging me the $20.00 for the Black Friday deal. Even shows it was taken from my bank account but still shows me as Pay as you go.

So I agree, if this is the kind of service Xsolla is going to give, then YES please stop using them.


I'm in the same boat. Charged $20.00 this morning, somehow on the "Pay as you go" plan...yay


I still would vote for Xsolla though there is bug on billing, I think Liquidsky can fix it, it is not a big deal. Xsolla is supporting so many payment ways I like.



My renewal was due for 1st Jan. I'm now on 3rd Feb, and still my account hasn't been renewed with new sky credits. Though funds have been deducted from my Paypal account and Xsolla support said that LiquidSky cancelled my subscription.

Who can help me with answers?


Yea leave xolla, get a new company liquidsky xsolla sucks..


I have had a plethora of horrendous account issues and payment issues with LS and Xsolla. Downgrading of my unlimited, being charged and not receiving credits, account hacked and I cant even change my fucking password. I have come to loathe LS and their complete lack of customer service and I certainly can't stand Xsolla. This service has a long way to go with the complete garbage lackluster customer service and billing setup they currently have. I'll just wait until a competitor puts up a service because its just not worth the headache at the current state LS is in.


NO! don't leave xsolla i cant pay another way they offering me to pay from local shop or be partneret with paysera plz :smiley: