Please: no more asking about Beta keys


Hey together,

after all the days: it's becoming annoying, if everyone is asking about Beta keys, pricing, and so on, every day new. All is written here on the pages, you just must read.

Thank you very much for paying attention,

a happy customer, and bored reader here


True been a customer for months though honestly just shows how popular the service has become that so many have joined and many more who want to but can't but it is a pain seeing the same posts when people should know they post keys on facebook whwatever social media they're on and should just check those


I manually tried to one by one every key (took me several hours) and all of them were redeemed that's why we keep asking for it.


New user don't know that, they don't read it, they just expressed what they want. I understood it because CES2017 make them here, we need to ask sitting.