Please someone help me its never become fixed but


I always getting error message like this "OOPS WE ARE UNABLE TO CONNECT TO YOUR SKY COMPUTER,PLEASE CHECK YOUR FIREWALL SETTINGS AND TRY AGAIN. WE ARE STOPPING YOUR SKYCOMPUTER TO PRESERVE YOU CREDIT." just please someone help me ! I can't connect to my home wifi so I need to login with mobile data and it takes SOOO MUCH MY MONEY :"( .... I already disable my firewall setting and anything. but it still not fixed. just plz I need ur help!!!!


and it makes my local network turn to 0 ms


If you have an android phone, use liquid sky on there and try to connect to your wifi hotspot see if the issue still occurs or not.


Dont need to be rude like that. Keep it in mind Liquid sky just in beta. It's not 100% working client, still have some kind of bugs.


sry mate but it still doesnt fix mine. cmon liquidsky please reply to this. but when i create skycomputer this error message doesnt show up its only happen after that so u need to create new skycomputer everytime to work


What device are you trying to connect?
What Operating system?


Try turning your firewall off and see if it works. Double posting is spam so please don't do that. If you need to add something, just add it to your last post using edit.


i already turned off my firewall andd it still not fixed. im using mac os


Try deleting the LS lib folder and make it re-download its files. This has fixed some problems for me.


what do you mean lib folder? where is the directory file?


i think the problem is from skycomputer because when i try to create new skycomputer there is no problem and i can connect to my wifi but its happen after i restart my sky computer


I dont know aboout Mac OS so I have no idea how to help you. Just go to and submit a ticket to ask for support.