Please update the "Partners" at the bottom of the blog page!


I'm assuming "Site Feedback" applies to this forum mainly but also the other sites associated to Liquidsky.

On (as of 15/03/2017 @ 02:17 GMT) at the bottom of the page it says that the partners are:

  • IBM
  • Samsung
  • Microsoft
  • AMD
  • Nvidia

Whereas on (as of 15/03/2017 @ 02:18 GMT) at the bottom of the page it says the partners are:

  • Windows
  • IBM

Not really a huge need/priority but it's bugging the hell out of me :sweat_smile:


I love this post so much. Just trying to shift through the chaos that is going on in the community looking for a fun discussion and then I see this.

Knowing all these people are complaining and then you're like, you made a mistake and it's bugging me.

Just great timing.


Ah, it was just something I noticed when looking through the blogs. Nothing too important for Liquidsky compared to the job they have at hand atm!

Though I thought I'd raise it anyway so when it gets a bit more quiet. They can fix it :smiley:


it probably already has been fixed but the 2.0 website hasn't launched fully yet :o idk