Plz i need help


i need help i have cable not wi fi will the program work????


If you mean you have ethernet, not wifi then yes, as long as you have an internet connection LiquidSky will work.


k thx
sorry for my bad english
now i have to get a beta key


I need a beta key...


i dont have....
sorry man


Sorry guys, they are not allowing new people into the beta. :frowning:


sadly :frowning: can't wait to get my hands on this




i'm not sure you could even get a key but i guess if u had one you could join


ok but how can i get a key????
im dont know how to get one


Nobody can get beta keys right now. No beta keys are in circulation and its incredibly rare at this point to find one.

However, we might have a little surprise in store coming soon, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


ok but can i run liquidsky without any wi-fi


you can run liquidsky with ethernet or on gsm network but it doesn't work without internet


ok thx btw
i wanna hear it by the devs but thx


WiFi is required to be able to connect to the liquid sky servers like data centers to connect to so you can access your sky computer and your liquid sky account


Justin from liquid sky will probably explain this when he sees it again this post


ahhhh the develpores told me that its fine to run it with ethernet


Yes that's correct but at least you need internet going through the Ethernet cable to computer and then you can access liquid sky


yes i have an internet
how i am writing this without an internet connection


That's good now you have internet so you can use liquid sky so that's good