Post Your Favorite Game on LiquidSky


The first 5 people to post a screen shot of them playing their favorite game on LiquidSky will receive 500 SkyCredits.

The only rules are that your account must already have access to the platform (not be a free account) and that the screen shot must be from LiquidSky!

1,2,3 GO!


sleeping dogs

Also… vrchat

. …The last 2 were taking just now. :wink:


My favorite game? Well, maybe hardly using LiquidSky’s resources, but here is Super Hexagon.


Playing unturned. Lol


One of my favorites are Mass Effect 3.


@sonikstevens @rartino @N1XxI0M @BatmanD00m SkyCredits added! Just waiting for one more winner.


Here’s me playing Ori and the Blind Forest :slight_smile:


@GLaDOS_cake You are our final winner! :slight_smile:


Thanks, @liquidskymorgan! I was on my way home, back from work when I saw your first post and thought I had less then 1% chance to get anything :smiley:, because I still had to boot up my PC, spin up a new VM, download/install the game and take a screen shot.

I have a question. Since you now added those credits, would this make all my grandfathered credits to burn at increased rate (2 and 4)? They shouldn’t, but just asking.


It shouldn’t cause any issues and they should burn at your current rate. If that’s not the case, let me know!