Pricing when beginner ends


I have a beginner user 25hours. Now i have credits for 12hours. I only need the aplication 2 hour per week and I will need to pay for another beginner pack (25hours, 200gb). It will be possible?

Also, sometimes I don´t connect in 2-3 weeks and my “virtual computer” is deleted (files i downloades etc).
Is possible to correct this?

I really like the aplication but this two points are a problem for me.
Thanks. Kind regards.


If memory serves there is a limit to Beginner credit amounts to prevent abuse, but I think it is possible to pay for another one.

Deletion is a limitation of your plan- as long as you login at least once a week your skycomputer should not be deleted.


I don’t understand your statement: “there is a limit to Beginner credit amounts to prevent abuse”. It doesn’t make sence at all. Last year I was PAYG user and I bought more than 150 000 skycredits. If someone BUY these credits and liquidsky EARNS money from it, how they can say that members abuse something? :smiley: Absolutely nonsence. Now members aren’t able to buy a lot of skycredits now, but this limition doesn’t make sence to me at all. It seems liquidsky are too afraid when members will be able to buy a lot of skycredits, because if liquidsky will be in bankruptcy, members will want their money back.


Your case is exactly why such changes were implemented. The initial concerns which prompted the plan changes were company liability- even though you paid technically the transaction was not complete until service was rendered (Ian mentioned this in the second Q&A- it was becoming an issue for server allocation as staff wanted to make sure that you had the capacity to spend skycredits if you wished to [activity restraints were also placed within reason- should you be inactive for more than three months with a good reason you are always free to reach out to support]). I doubt that the company is going to go anywhere anytime soon- they are still working on Enterprise projects for big corporations (the keyword here being that said projects are under NDA, which is why there are very few details about this at the moment [not that staff wouldn’t want to share, but they will only announce things when their partners are ready]).

Consider this your final warning- you have had a history of making uninformed comments before, and I’m afraid we’re at the end of the line in terms of giving you chances: either contribute to discussion in a more informed manner (criticism is fine, as long as it is well made and informed [never hurts to ask a question- but that is something that you don’t ever seem to do}) there will be action taken against you. We are tired of correcting the record for the umpteenth time.


@N00B731O is correct in how the SkyCredit system works from a bookkeeping standpoint. It’s also a method to keep subscribers from taking advantage of the system since they get double the usage out of the package. They can only purchase when they run low to avoid people stockpiling SkyCredits.

And for the record, we wouldn’t be growing the team if we were going bankrupt. :thinking: