Pro for Beginners?


i am a new user and i want to test this service. i am starting with the gamer and the pro packages, both have a really poor performance. I am reading about the elite package, but its not available for beginners.
Please tell me why?
When i not find a maschine with good performance, i am looking for another service.
Is that really what you want?
You can take more more skycredits for testing it, but why it´s not possible for beginners?


What game are you testing + graphics options that are giving you poor performance?

Again depends on what resolution, game, and graphics settings you are setting at.
Don’t expect something like Far Cry 5 on gamer can run at 60 FPS maxed out.

Its because elite burns X2 more credits than what pro offers and most people are on beginner. And with people with 5000 credits (for example) with elite all those credits will be burned within 20 hours. It is only given to yearly people as they got a bucket load of credits to use…

I can tell you that 90% of beginner users are against having an elite tier available as they will burn their credits in no time (again its not meant for people with low credits to be using it)


I think we should have elite for normal players.Now There are some games need too much performance .For example,Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Pro has poor performance in even in low settings(About 20-40 FPS in Average )


My home machine ist a 7 years old i7 2600k@4,4ghz, GTX 1070, 16MB RAM, SSD.

With Liquidsky I am trying to play Black Ops 3 and the Doom Demo in Full HD. Graphic settings Low, middle, high. FPS=30-50

The feeling was in both games very bad in low, middle and high.
But the desktop experience ist very good.
I think the hardware is not for gaming.


Keep in mind that unfortunately performance can vary depending upon time of day- if you were to login during peak hours (about 17:00-21:00 local time of the datacenter- and in the case of the EU datacenters it can stretch all the way to 0:00) you might just have the unfortunate luck of logging into a server node with someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing, like say cryptomining. Not that staff don’t want to work on this (partially the reason why staff haven’t upgraded yet from the current Tesla M60 is because they want to make sure that the software is as good to maximize any future upgrade [staff are currently testing new hardware on the Enterprise side of this service- the one for corporations]), or haven’t worked on this (they have implemented their own in-house QoS before- that being the backend system that divies up performance); just that it takes time with the fact that LS is a smaller startup (they have a bit more limited resources and manpower for things between both sides- but I would think they use it well [if all goes well some Enterprise features will trickle down- like the aforementioned hardware]).

Some things are in the works (such as upgrades [staff are looking at several parts {GPU and CPU} as shown here: Need to upgrade the performance of CPU]), just that it takes time for them to test things and hopefully it works out (there was originally a Tesla P100 upgrade earlier in the year, but performance wasn’t as hoped [in some cases it was much worse than the current M60 {best case scenario an improvement, but I was alone on the test server when we mods tested with staff}]).


I have to absolutely agree with you. I have good gaming experience on my laptop, but I have horrible gaming experience on my liquidsky skycomputer.


Excuse me sir, but the 1070 is from 2016. It’s a quite good graphics card which enables you to play all new games almost maxed out. I agree that server hardware is usually not made for gaming proposes, but since the price is quite cheap it’s a hard comparison from a 1070 which costs (still) around 350 bucks compared to a subscription which costs you around 25$ per month. If u are looking for a more high end solution u might look at other companies which also have a drastically different price point.


Yes, of course 1070 is from 2016. The CPU is 7 years old not the graphic card.
Remember was the website advertising promise:

Receive a gaming PC in the cloud that always has the latest and greatest technology to keep up with the newest and most demanding games.

I have to set all settings to low and the game never runs good.
25$ x 12 = 300$/year for a low end machine.