Problem with ip [solved]


Sorry for mistakes. I translate through Google translator.

I do not go to my favorite server in the game. I like your service very much, it suits me completely, but for unknown reasons your ip is blocked on my favorite server or it does not fit, I do not know. I do not have the ability to connect VPN on your server.

Can you change my ip or help me with this problem?

Thank you for trying to understand my request.




It means that the server decided to ban IBM (Softlayer IP address) due to various reasons.
The same situation goes with Warframe and Minecraft.

Can you show the error message? As far as I know you can’t change your IP address (except VPN) but those are banned for obvious reasons.


Yes, I can not use VPN.

How do I display an error message? Above the screen, where it is shown that 8 of my servers are blocked, and the 9th is working. It is necessary that all work.


Problem solved. Turned to the TP game.