Ps4 controller movement


When using the ps4 controller in game all of a sudden the camera will just move to a completely different not sure if it's the motion that's built in cause other controllers don't do it. But the ps4 has the best joysticks for deadzone etc. When I play any game the mouse cursor comes on screen now and again an then goes away and keeps coming back. Annoying. Not sure what is causing this. I'm using an nvidia shield k1 tablet by the way


could it be you are accidentally touching the touchpad which acts as mousepad sometimes... I know if you have the 3rd party input mapper it defaults to a mousepad.... I'm not sure how steam manages this input from the controller


No I thought about that myself because I read bout the touchpad. But I'm not going anywhere near it. I actually tried moving and touching it in game n it didn't do anything. I might just have to buy an Xbox 360 controller. I've got a 3rd party controller but it's got pretty bad deadzones on the joysticks that's why I like the ps4 one


it might be a problem with the software they use to dictate input from the controller... trying installing input mapper on the skycomputer